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Elsie Cuff R
 Posted on 07/29/10 I met Virginia Page's parents in 1955, and remained friends with them until until first her mother and then her father passed. So I've known Ms. Page, (Ginny) from the time of her birth. She became more than the child of friends when I had to call on her to arrange for the creamation and funeral services for my husband, Victor M. Ross upon his death April 7, 2010. At that time she became the professional whose services I needed. Ms. Page did not disappoint. At that time she proved to be a consummate professional, compassionate and with an inherent ability to make the situation seem to be less traumatic. My sister and a friend were there when Ms. Page lead me through the arrangements, for that, the saddest thing I've ever had to do. They, my sister and friend, were impressed with her professional and compassionate manner, based solely on what they were witnessing, as neither of them had ever met her before. I believe that anyone who has the sad occassion to need and use Ms. Page's services will be satisfied that they made the, G. Frank Page Funeral Home, and Ms. Page, their choice during that time of much needed guidance, many of them having had no prior experience with arrangeing a funeral for a loved one. Ms. Page will be there for them from start to finish, and will answer questions long after the services are over. Perhaps I seem biased because I have known Ms. Page for so long, but let me tell you that Mr. Ross was my husband of fifty-three years, and I would accept nothing less than services offered and rendered professionally on that sad occasion. I am pleased with my choice, and with the service I received, as are my son and daughter.