G. Frank Page, Jr. Funeral Home - 1748 W. Erie Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. 19140
Virginia E. Page       

     Virginia E. Page,
 B.S., A.A.S., L.F.D.
Funeral Director

   Virginia is the youngest daughter of G. Frank Page, Jr. and Rosemary M. Page. She is a graduate of Southern University and McAllister Institute of Funeral Service. Virginia is a soft-spoken, caring and compassionate individual who prefers hugs to handshakes and rathers that the people she serves call her "Ginny".

Craig Rollerson
       Craig Rollerson,
 Mortuary Assistant/ Notary Public

   Craig is a commissioned Notary for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is married to Virginia. He also attended McAllister Institute of Funeral Service and graduated Magna cum Laude. He is currently continuing his studies in the areas of Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology at Montgomery County Community College, where he also made the Dean's List. Craig possesses the distinct advantage of always being able to view funeral service from a client family member's standpoint in that he and Virginia first met in 2002 when she served his family following the passing of his brother.